Embassy Ministries International is called to offer the redeeming, healing, delivering power of the gospel of Jesus Christ to people from all walks of life including the poor, the wounded, broken, homeless, and dependent in greater Fresno and beyond.

The Mission of Embassy Ministries International is to further the influence of the Kingdom of God throughout the earth by networking with existing ministries, and by raising up new ministries as the Lord leads to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Vision Statement

Embassy Ministries International (EMI) Directors and Officers have laid the corporate foundation that affords the opportunity for other ministries to partner with us to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

EMI currently has ministries under our covering in California, India and Peru. Ministries that we walk alongside of and share support with are located throughout the world including Mexico, South America, the Philippines and Africa.


ORDINATION: By linking with sister ministries, EMI has available prescribed courses of study for men and women called to the ministry to prepare them for licensing (entry level ministry credentials), and eventual ordination as ministers of the Gospel.  These studies are available in several languages.


COVERING: Established evangelistic ministries, Church congregations, and missionary ministries without denominational affiliation or a covering organization are invited to apply to come under the covering of EMI.  We provide the necessary IRS tax-exempt legal covering allowing a ministry to offer tax deductions for offerings.  We are available with experienced leadership and counsel as well as an intercessory prayer team to cover our affiliated ministries as they reach out with the Gospel within their own unique calling.  As a covering, we periodically visit our affiliates to offer support, provide teaching and counsel, and to assist with outreaches, crusades or other events.

We also both encourage and assist ministries under our covering as they prepare, apply for and pursue their own IRS tax exempt status.