We are prayerfully awaiting new Ministries to cover. Established Christian leaders, evangelistic ministries, Mercy Ministries, Church congregations, and missionary ministries without denominational affiliation or a covering organization are invited to apply to come under the covering of EMI.

We provide the necessary IRS tax-exempt legal covering allowing a ministry to offer tax deductions for offerings.  We are available with experienced leadership and counsel as well as an intercessory prayer team to cover our affiliated ministries as they reach out with the Gospel within their own unique calling.  As a covering, we periodically visit our affiliates to offer support, provide teaching and counsel, and to assist with outreaches, crusades or other events.

We also both encourage and assist ministries under our covering as they prepare, apply for and pursue their own IRS tax exempt status.

Ordination and Pastoral Covering

Embassy Ministries International is legally established with a full ministerial charter to license and ordain both entry level and established and trained ministers.

For those just starting out in ministry, we will credit you for training and experience and assign an educational process to fill any education gaps.  Through our interview and discovery process we will prepare you for whatever steps are necessary for licensing as a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Licensing affords you the opportunity to present yourself as a credentialed minister for finance and accounting sake, and to serve in the local Church as an assistant minister.  With an EMI minister’s license we will also stand behind you as you pioneer and plant a local assembly as lead Pastor while working towards Ordination, or as you serve  in local jails, prisons and hospitals as a representative of Jesus.

For those with pre-existing training or Bible School experience, prior miistry experience, or who have already had ministerial credentials an expedited process will be taylor made to acheive ministerial ordination.  This will mostly entail ensuring that the applicant’s theological understanding and doctrinal positions agree with the doctrinal statements of EMI, and that the approach to preaching and ministry style are in harmony with EMI leadership.  Ordination carries with it the legal conveyance of ability to officiate weddings, funerals and to operate as senior leadership in the local assembly.

Financial Covering Under IRS

Existing ministries coming under the covering of EMI receive the benefit our our Federal Tax exemption, giving the ability to offer tax deductions for donations coing from withim your own state, and from all other states in the USA.


Apostolic Oversite

EMI offers 35 years of ministry experience with leaders who have been mentored, taught and trained by a veritable who’s who of Charismatic Evangelical Christianity.

We offer personal counsel, expert advise, and access to our wealth of ministry contacts for prayer, direction and counsel.

The leadership and intercessors of EMI are also diligent to cover all of our affiliates in regular Fasting and in daily Prayer.